Why you should invest in oak furniture that will last a lifetime

Oak is one of the most popular materials for furniture, creating bookcases to beds and beyond. From mid-century, traditional looks to modern styles, there’s a piece of solid oak furniture to suit every taste and need. Solid oak hardwood furniture often comes at a price but for a good reason. Buying solid oak furniture is a major investment so be sure you’ve found the perfect piece of furniture for you.

The bare bones of any home is the furniture, choosing items that not only serve a purpose but look fantastic. Whether you’re thinking of a new look for your bedroom or have just bought your dream property, furnishing a house really has the power to turn a house into a home. Some may deem oak furniture as being too expensive or even ‘not worth the money’ however, that’s simply not the case. There’s a reason why solid oak is one the most sought-after materials for furniture, its durability and versatility make it one of the most hardwearing furniture options in terms of quality. When buying any type of furniture, there are certain things you need to take into consideration such as how much use it’s going to get, the size of the room and type of material. This brief guide will help you make the right decision before purchasing oak furniture and help you to bring the right pieces into your home.

Why Choose Oak?

There are several furniture materials available, so why choose oak? In contrast with pine trees, oak trees grow very slowly, this slow growth produces dense, very strong wood. Oak is extremely durable and is able to resist both insect and fungal attacks. In the past, it’s been used to build naval ships but these days it makes beautiful furniture. As a strong material, it’s perfect for very active households, it doesn’t damage easily and can suit both a traditional or more contemporary interior.

Oak is one of the most versatile and durable woods available. While the initial price tag of a piece of solid oak furniture may take you back, you are investing in a sturdy and impressive piece of furniture. If you care and maintain the piece properly, a piece of furniture could last a lifetime. Oak furniture also resists warping, helping to add to its longevity. Oak furniture is a long-term valuable choice, with pieces being passed down through generations. As one of the highest quality furniture materials available on the market, the quality certainly outweighs the higher price tag. Cheaper, softer woods may only provide 3-5 years of functional use whereas the same item made from oak will last much longer.

Whether you want to create a mid-century style theme living room or a modern sleek bedroom, oak furniture offers a timeless appearance. Adding natural warmth and character to your home, oak lends itself to a variety of different styles. Red oak is commonly used for most indoor furniture, while white oak is used outside due to its increased waterproof properties.

Oak can be found in a whole range of tones and colours. If you have a more contemporary home then it’s best to look at oak furniture that is lighter in colour such as those in the Mobel Oak or Roscoe Oak range. Dark furniture is more suited to traditional homes but this is completely down to your taste and style.

You can easily find lower cost pieces of furniture with many modern pieces being made from cheaper woods. However, although this means a lower initial cost, it can also mean that a piece of furniture may not even last two years. Whereas proper solid oak furniture, made well, can last many years. This means the cost-per-year decreases every year of use, therefore, seeing oak furniture as a long-term investment rather than just a one-off cost is a much more enticing way of seeing solid oak products.

Oak furniture is more expensive than other woods but you get what you pay for. Whether you’re looking at furniture for the dining room and kitchen or the bedroom, you can find a number of functional and attractive options. We spend up to a third of our time asleep in bed so why not make it a beautiful space that will last for years. Compliment an oak bed with exceptionally-crafted oak wardrobes and bedside tables to create a relaxing and enticing bedroom.

A Unique Piece of Wooden Furniture

When buying wooden furniture, you’ll be purchasing a unique piece of decoration for your home as well as a functional new addition. No two pieces of wood are the same, even wood from the same species can differ slightly colour. The appearance of the wood can be affected by its age, the weather conditions that it’s experienced and the way it has been treated at both the sawmill and by the manufacturers.

Some trees are rather small whereas others such as oak can grow to towering heights. You’ll find a greater number of ring marks in the grain with older wood. The distinct grain of oak furniture gives it a very unique appearance and looks great with just a clear coat alone.

The natural variations in the wood created by age and environment make for attractive pieces. Furniture looks unique with knots against the grain and can also contain medullary rays. These are silver lines or stripes that give a distinct look to the hardwood. If cared for properly over the years, the wood should remain in good condition. From chunky rustic-style items to gorgeous refined and regal designs, oak furniture will add a splash of elegance to your home. With ever-changing interior trends, oak furniture will stand the test of time and add a classic finish in any room of your home.

 Make a Statement with Oak Furniture

While oak furniture comes with a price tag, higher than other pieces of furniture, its resilience, functionality and beauty warrant the cost. You don’t purchase a piece of oak furniture on a whim, it’s a well thought out decision that can make a real statement in your home. Oak has a naturally coarse feel but oak furniture should feel smooth to the touch.

Oak furniture is available in a range of colours, grain and textures meaning it can suit a wide range of tastes and interiors. The grain markings in oak are very prominent and will look incredible anywhere in the home. In comparison to pine, oak has a very thick and noticeable grain from a distance. The beautiful grain in the wood is what makes oak furniture so popular and widely used. Bringing nature into the home, adding a welcoming feel.

Oak is used to make furniture in almost every style, making it extremely versatile to work in any setting. The colour and grain of the wood will make a statement you’ll love and your guests will remember. Using oak furniture isn’t a new trend nor is it one that is going to change any time soon. The timeless design will grow with you and look fantastic no matter what. Choose a piece of furniture that will create new memories such as a solid oak table where you will have big family dinners and cut the turkey at Christmas.

 The Possibilities of Untreated Oak

If you know what type of furniture you want but are struggling to find the perfect finish, looking for untreated pieces is a great option. Simply purchase the stain you want and create a statement piece that truly reflects your personality and taste. Oak furniture is available in a variety of colours but if you’re looking to be creative and put your soul into a piece of furniture then choosing the finish will be very satisfying.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

If you’ve decided to invest in a piece of solid oak furniture then taking care of it is essential to prolong its lifetime. Oak is one of the easiest furniture materials to maintain and keep in its original form. Oak’s resilient nature and durability make for low maintenance furniture. After your new piece of furniture has been delivered, it’s best to help it acclimatise by treating it with oil or wax. Ensure you polish the wood regularly to keep it in a good condition. Pieces that have regular use such as dining tables or coffee tables should be cleaned and polished regularly. A high-quality beeswax polish should be applied every three months, ensuring the grain always looks at its best.

Waxing protects the grain and helps to stop cracking and crazing, keeping the finish in the best possible condition. Before applying a new wax to the furniture, try using it underneath the piece so that you can decide if you’re happy with the finish and it not only suits the style of the room but compliments other pieces of furniture in the room.

When deciding on furniture placement, avoid placing the piece in direct sunlight to help prevent fading. Keep clear of radiators as well, so that the joints don’t weaken or split. Wipe spillages immediately using a damp cloth followed by wiping off with a dry lint-free cloth. When damp or wet, solid wood will expand very slightly. Most solid wood furniture contains tiny gaps to allow for this expansion process. Treat any cracks or scratches to restore the furniture to its original form.

Oak furniture will only grow more beautiful with age and can naturally darken over the years. Daylight will also alter the colour so make sure to rearrange lamps or ornaments occasionally to give an even colour.

What to Look For When Buying Oak Furniture

When buying oak furniture, look for pieces that are well-constructed. The joints between the pieces should be fastened together securely and you shouldn’t be able to see any gaps between the parts. Always double check that the piece of furniture is made solely from oak and not oak veneers. With oak veneers, oak is glued over parts built from cheaper woods. If the price sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Veneer oak can begin showing sign of wear fairly soon after its purchase so despite its true oak finish, underneath is just cheaper wood. You have the attractiveness of an oak finish without the strong and durable characteristics of solid oak.

Always double check your room dimensions before buying a piece of furniture. Solid oak furniture can be large and heavy, so you need to take into account the size and shape of the room and try to avoid buying oversized pieces for the space. Make sure you have a large enough entrance for the furniture to fit through before placing in its new home.

Solid oak furniture will last the ages and can be passed on as family heirlooms. Brand new oak furniture should have no indentations and each horizontal plane such as the top surface of chair arms or a table surface should be level. The surface of the furniture should feel smooth and look fantastic. Oak that has been coated or stained should still retain its uniform appearance. The grain should be clear through the finish with a warm, natural look.

Before buying high-quality oak furniture, take the time to research it, be critical and check that you are getting an excellently crafted piece of furniture. This will help you to find a beautiful piece of solid oak furniture for your home that you can enjoy for years to come.

Our range of Mobel Oak, Roscoe Oak and Allendale furniture has a variety of styles for your home. From solid oak dining chairs and tables to computer desks and filing cabinets, you’re sure to find the perfect furniture match.

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